How social class has made a difference in my life

Social class has made a significant difference in my life. Like the majority of Americans, my social status is considered lower class. My family has no generational wealth, property or authority. We are consider poor. In 1998, my family came to America from the island of Haiti. My mother has always worked minimum wage jobs, and has never had the opportunity to go to school because she was left alone to raise three young daughters since 2000. My social class has led my family and I to live in the same dangerous drug infested neighborhood for ten years. I have seen eviction notices and experienced the electricity being shut off. I have seen someone get shot and murdered. Growing up I never afforded the privileges to have material items like the latest gadgets or even my own room. Social class has influenced a lot my decisions, causing me to commit many sins and question my faith.

My social class has motivated me to fight for a better life and to move up in social mobility going upper ward in the class system into upper or corporate class. I want to own property and be of high authority. I will do this through achievements such as educational attainment. Believe it or not, my social class provides me the best free education. I had a teacher that motivated and encouraged me to be great. She had me attend a magnet school for a better opportunity. She inspired me and motivated me with words of encouragement. I receive financial aid which is why I have had a free two year college education. My social class has led me to my passion of covering sports. I have been motivate to be a humanitarian and help inspire, motivate, and encourage others to find their happiness and to be the best version of themselves. My social class didn’t give me the opportunity to attend Florida State University or live on campus at Florida Atlantic University. I can’t afford a car or to go on annual vacations. My social class has made me who I am today; however, it will not define me. I am a little girl who has nothing, but I am somebody and will be known for defining opportunity. My social class has put me in the position to meet my best friend Landie who I meet in second grade at an elementary school where most students were of the same socioeconomic backgrounds.

Social class affects people’s life by defining what life you will live. A poorer person doesn’t live the same life as a rich person because their opportunities are different. The higher you are in status or class, the more privileges and opportunities you are afforded. Money affects where you go on vacation or if you go on vacation. It affects whether you eat an expensive steak for dinner or starve that night. Money provides respect, control, and power, as it does make the world go round. The poor Americans do the “dirty work”. Social class has an effect on how accessible one is to health care. The poor can’t afford quality health care which makes it difficult to treat and take care of one’s health. For example, NBA Legend Magic Johnson has been living with HIV for almost 25 years. He is worth $500 million and has access to the best treatment and doctors all around the world. A poorer person with HIV has less of a chance to live with the virus for 25 years and still be alive. This is due social status which affects access to the best doctors and treatment. Social class affects nutrition and health. Poor people can’t afford a healthy diet. It is relevant to the lives of people in the United States because social class also affects education. Property taxes fund schools. The higher the property tax, the more money for schools resources which means more opportunities for children. Schools that are in poorer neighborhoods are not afforded the same resources as students in higher class neighborhoods, which are necessary to building success.


Published by: Daphnie Auguste

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