My Super Bowl 49 Pick

Ever since the New Orleans Saints won in 2009, I never missed a Super Bowl. At that time, all I knew was if you score a touchdown, the crowd goes crazy. I didn’t understand what football was, but I knew it was something entertaining and important to society. In 2010, I started focusing and covering basketball. Basketball led me to football because I knew If I wanted to become a sports analyst, I must broaden my horizons and step my game up. The more I know the better. Even though I watched the Super Bowls, I had no clue what was going on. I’ve always chosen a team and all my Super Bowl predications have been wrong ever since the Saints because I have always chosen with my heart. The only reason why I chose the Saints to win in 2009 was because they had pretty jersey colors and Reggie Bush, who happened to be Kim Kardashian’s off and on- again boyfriend at the time, was their running back.

When the Seahawks were 3-3, everyone ruled them out. Heck, when they were down 19-7 during the NFC championship game versus the Green Bay Packers after Quarterback Russell Wilson threw his fourth interception in the fourth quarter no one but themselves believed they would win. Look at them now in Arizona to defend their crown.

So, here we go again, February 1, 6:30 pm, the biggest game in sports history, and now I have been covering and understanding the game of football for six months. All season I have been keeping up with all the teams, even the sorry Dolphins. I starting liking the Seahawks in the 2012 season, but when they were going up against the Broncos in Super Bowl 48, I was rolling with the Broncos because I have been a Broncos fan since Tim Tebow was drafted in 2010. Even though Tebow was traded to the Jets in 2012, my heart never left Denver, especially since I was already a Denver Nuggets fan.

According to team rankings, this season Seattle is ranked number one in defense and rushing yards. Seattle averages 172.6 rushing yards, allows 15.9 points, 267.1 yards, 185.6 passing yards, and 81.5 rushing yards. Seattle’s secondary aka the Legion of Boom is cocky, and Richard Sherman is the best corner in the NFL. He became a household name when he publicly declared himself as the best corner in the game, made a choke sign towards quarterback Colin Kaepernick and called Michael Crabtree a “sorry” receiver after he broke the pass that led to the Hawks to victory over the San Francisco 49ers in the 2014 NFL championship game. In his four seasons, he forced five fumbles, has 24 interceptions, two touchdowns, and 224 tackles. He is smart and knows and studies the game. All the talking he does is backed up on the field. I think people forget that he went to Stanford. Quarterbacks like the bad man himself Aaron Rodgers are afraid to throw the ball his way. Stay tuned for my next story as I debate why Sherman is the best corner in the NFL, even over Darrelle Revis.

Defense wins championships, and offense sells tickets. Seattle’s defense destroyed and embarrassed my Broncos, who last season were an offensive machine. Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor come out to play each and every game and will not allow LeGarrette Blount to have 30 carries for 148 yards like he did versus the Colts in the AFC Championship game.

The defense will pressure Tom Brady. Brady will be sacked and will be force out of the pocket several times. Will Brady crumble? No, he won’t, but he is not going to stand there and throw the ball continuously against the Hawks.

In the 2012 regular season matchup between these two teams, Brady threw for a total of 395 yards, two touchdowns, but he came up short as the rookie QB Wilson beat the veteran Brady, 24-23. The one thing the media seems to remember about that game was not that the Hawks scored 14 points in the final eight minutes in order to capture the victory, but rather they remember Sherman approaching Brady and being label as a “thug” when he asked Brady, “You mad bro.” This was after Brady trashing talking the Seahawks on the field saying who are you guys and come and see me after the game when we win. But it’s Brady, so they as in the fans and the media excuse him by saying, he is just being competitive. Stop kissing Brady’s ass!


Seattle’s offense is very potent. Even with the loss of receiver Golden Tate, who was the Seahawks leading receiver in 2013-2014 season, fourth year receiver Doug Baldwin is not shabby at all with 2,757 career yards and 15 career touchdowns. Marshawn Lynch likes to ignore the media, but on the field, no one can ignore him. Lynch rushed for a career-high 157 yards versus the Packs and had one touchdown. He is simply a beast.  He is too strong, and the Patriots will not stop him. Lynch is “just about the action, Boss”.

My favorite NFL player happened to be the 2012 third round 75 draft pick who goes by the name of Russell Wilson. He is a devoted Christian who visits Seattle Children’s Hospital on most Tuesdays. This is his third season and second straight Super Bowl appearance. I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard he will not be one of the top five best quarterbacks of all time, maybe because he is 5’11 and 205 pounds. He is 10-0 against Super Bowl winning quarterbacks. He has a strong arm, plays with poise, is mentally tough, and his running game is as strong as his passing game. Wilson is the youngest quarterback to start in two Super Bowls.

This Super Bowl is going to be amazing. The Seahawks and the Patriots match up well. Two great cornerbacks, the Patriots defense is satisfactory, and Bill Belicheat, as the great Don Shula called him, is an amazing coach. I’m not worried about Rob Gronkowski or Devin McCourty, and yes, I know the Pats score the fourth most points in the NFL.

I didn’t write much about the Patriots because; well I never liked the Patriots. Brady and the Pats need to be knocked of their high horse. They are cheaters, and I simply don’t like them.

When the Seahawks won that crazy weird miracle fabulous NFC championship game, they kneeled down and prayed and gave God all the glory and praise. Right on the field, on national TV in front of all the 12’s. What did New England do? They danced. Seriously, really?

Russell Wilson beat himself versus the Packers. He was the one who put the Hawks in a 19-7 deficit, and he showed the whole world how to win a game in five minutes. He kept telling the team to believe. He is a believer just like the only deaf offensive player in the NFL, fullback Derrick Coleman.

When will the Seahawks receive the respect and acknowledgement they deserve? Not attention because they don’t care about attention, they just want respect. They have always been a dominate team.  It’s okay, because they will just continue to play ball. That game versus Green Bay brought the team together because even being down 12 points in the fourth, they believed. Once again I am going with my heart, but you can’t ignore what the Seattle Seahawks do on the field.

All statistics are provided by and the picture came from Seattle Seahawks twitter page. Thank you for reading.


Published by: Daphnie Auguste

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