Heat Nation was Selfish

The Miami Heat organization took Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James for granted. In last night’s game three Eastern conference finals in a home game against the Atlanta Hawks, on 37 shots James had 37 points, 18 rebounds, and 13 assist. James left Miami to go back home to Akron, Ohio. He started the game shooting 0-10, but he is the King and not afraid to take big shots, scoring the last five points for the Cavs, lifting them in overtime to win the game 117-114. He made Cleveland relevant again.

Photo courtesy of Lebron James Instagram page.
Photo courtesy of Lebron James Instagram page.

When James was in Miami, the last four seasons for Cleveland was pitiful. In 2010-2011 they had a 26- game losing streak which was tied for the longest losing streak in American sports (Philadelphia 76ers also had a 26 game losing streak in 2013-2014.)

2010-2011 season record 19-63

2011-2012 season record 21–45 (lookout shorten season)

2012-2013 season record 24-58

2013-2014 season record 33-49

All four season the Cavs didn’t make the playoffs.

James came back to Cleveland and recruited. He brought former Miami Heat teammates James Jones and Mike Miller. Cavs traded 2014 number one draft pick Andrew Wiggins to Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for Kevin Love. Cavs also added Iman Shumpert, J.R. Smith, Timofey Mozgov, Shawn Marion, and Kendrick Perkins. Tristan Thompson has flourish.

Photo courtesy of cavstheblog.com
Photo courtesy of cavstheblog.com

The Cavs finished this season third in the eastern conference with a record of 53-29, and now currently is one win away from playing in the NBA finals. Miami however didn’t make the playoffs this season, and finished 10th in the eastern conference with a record of 37-45. For four straight seasons with LeBron, Miami represented the East played in four finals and won two championships.

President Pat Riley took James for granted, not treating LeBron’s people like family. Heat fans always showed up late, waiting to fill up the arena middle of the second quarter. Heat nation was spoiled and got to enjoy four finals run. Now the American Airlines arena is pretty quiet, while Quicken Loans arena is preparing to host the NBA finals, for the first time since 2007.

James is reliable and dependable. While guard Dwayne Wade missed over sixty games in Miami’s big 3 era, LeBron missed 18 games.

We thought he would never leave. Its Miami, the sunny beaches and beautiful weather. James had a chance to compete every year for a title in Miami, but what we fail to realize any team LeBron is on has a chance to compete for a title.

LeBron James makes other players around him better, and takes them to another level, especially mentally. Those in Miami, can continue watching the playoffs at our home, while LeBron continues his mission to bring a championship to his city. He is 30-years-old and is the best athlete in the NBA. I say he has ten years left, which will be 22 seasons and he will be 40-years-old. I think he will bring at least two championships to Cleveland. If James was still in Miami, there would be no need to discuss basketball in Cleveland.

Last night we witnessed LeBron’s will. With all the injuries, and the exhaustion, he still delivered and carries the teams on his shoulder. Despite forward Kevin Love being out for the reminding of the playoffs and guard Kyrie Irving being injured, LeBron has brought his team to one win away to be in the NBA finals. Wow, the power of one man.

LeBron James’ determination and heart for the game, is something Heat Nation took for granted.

Check out Lebron’s October 2014 nike commercial together about this is bigger than basketball.


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