Ty Lawson is in more legal trouble

Denver Nuggets guard Ty Lawson, was arrested for DUI early Tuesday morning in Los Angeles while driving a white Mercedes Benz. Back in January, Lawson was also arrested for DUI in Denver.

On Monday, Lawson posted a picture on Twitter of he and teammate Kenneth Faried hanging out.

California Highway Patrol Officer Jennifer Cassidy claims Lawson was speeding on Route 101 in Hollywood and showed signs of intoxication. He was booked at 3:43 am. His bond was posted at $5,000, and was released five hours later. He was carrying $6,000 in his pocket at the time of his arrest.

The Denver Nuggets are aware of the incident, but according to the Nuggets’ general manager Tim Connelly, the organization wishes not to comment about the situation at this time.

Lawson was drafted in the first round in 2009 and the Nuggets traded for him to be the organization franchise player; however, in a recent interview, former Nugget Chauncey Billups believes Lawson is, ‘not a leader’ or the point guard Denver needs. Billups said he doesn’t show signs of leadership and his time in Denver will soon come to an end.

In this year’s draft, the Nuggets drafted guard Emanuel Mudiay, and signed veteran Jameer Nelson to a three-year, $13.5 million deal. Lawson’s time in the Mile High City is coming to an end. The Nuggets are looking to either waive or trade him.

Lawson is interested in signing with the Sacramento Kings, but after this incident his player stock has taken a blow. The Philadelphia 76ers need a point guard, and will probably take him.

In April 2012, he was cited for reckless driving in Arapahoe County, Colorado and was arrested in January 2013 for avoiding prosecution for these crimes. In August 2013, Lawson and his girlfriend Ashley Pettiford were arrested in Arapahoe County for domestic violence. During his January 2015 DUI arrest, Lawson also mentioned being previously arrested in Missouri for DUI.

Why would he risk driving drunk when he had more than enough money to take a cab home?


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