Every season I reevaluate my life. Wondering what did I do for my future. After I evaluate my performance, I evaluate my relationships. I think about how great of a friend I was to them. Because at the end of this beautiful thing called life, the cars, clothes, money, degrees, and etc won’t matter; It’s the relationships you have built. I really value friendship.

So many people come in and out of your life. People are either in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. This past fall I built two new friendships and I think I can add them to my lifetime friendship list. I never write out my relationships evaluations but here it goes. I’ll start with the two new friends I made this past September.

Ashley– First I would like to acknowledge how kind you are. You are so sweet and great to talk to. I love hanging out with you even tho I know you always seems to forget our plans but you never forget the stories I have told you. I shared so much with you and you told me so much about yourself. You invited me to your home and always there to help me shoot a game or a package. We make a great team. Follow your dreams baby girl. You are talented and so smart and work so hard. Don’t hold things in and always speak your mind. O, and I love how you say hello.

Cre’von– Man, I thought I wanted my dreams really bad, but I see your passion for the game man. You shared how it’s bigger than football, just like our friendship. You are a true believer and your work ethic is incredible. I love your leadership and how you want everyone to succeed and happy when everyone is eating. You always kept it real with me and being around you is always a positive and happy vibe. You know I will always have your back, fasho. Continue to grind.

Mackenzie– You are the homie. I always have fun when I’m with you. I can party with you, watch a game with you and I can tell you anything. You always make me laugh, sometimes I don’t know when to take you seriously. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for all of the times you took me places. You never lied to me, always keep it real. I remember you telling me you are gaining weight, lets go running . Funny thing is, you are always feeding me .

Nicole: Our bond is so incredible. We are so similar that it’s scary. Words can’t explain how much I love you. I heard about you years ago and I had to connect with you. You became my mentor but I only meet you once and you moved to Atlanta. I remember watching all of your videos one night. We built a long distance relationship and then you moved back to Fort Lauderdale. I remember our beach date. When I went through my car accident you were always there to hear me complain. You had allowed me to feel sorry for myself, however, still encouraged and ensured me that everything was going to be better. You kept reminding me tough times don’t last only tough people do. Even in Atlanta you were there for me through my lows and highs. You allowed me to share my true feelings and you weren’t fooled by my smile. I thank God for you everyday. I love how honest we are with each other and with us it’s truly genuine.

Stephanie: Hey girl. I remember riding the school bus to Hallandale together and volunteering together. Glad we reconnecting earlier in 2014. You made yourself available to help me with my school work and helped me recovery after my accident. You are a cool chick and thank you so much for coming through that night. I use to say you are not my best friend but truth is you are.

Landie: Best Friend!!!!!! My down chick, the one that always been here. Man you can write my autobiography. Bestiees since we were seven in Ms. Manigat and Mocardo class. Seeing you grow up is amazing. If it wasn’t for you, I honestly don’t thing I would make it this far. You are truly my backbone. You are an extremely valuable asset to my success. Hurry up and get married so I can be a maid-of-honor and a godmother. You are my little sister and forever friend.

Welguine & Phara: You guys might act like ya don’t care but I know you guys always are looking out for me. Thank you guys so much for everything you do, I really appreciate it.

Cousin Nene– You are more than my big cousin. You are my sister/mom.  Thank you for always taking me out to eat. You know I love food. Thank you for encouraging me to go to college and you declared me going to graduate school way before I even dream about it. Your marriage gives me hope to one day having an other half. Thank you for choosing a husband that has truly been a father to me, not just by his words but also his actions. He has adopted me and treated me just like his sons, never making me feel left out. He always says how I’m his daughter.

Facebook Friends: Thank you so much for allowing me to share my life with you guys. I try to show the good and even the bad to show that not everybody has it all. Thank you for all the support. You guys read my statuses and keep supporting me on my journey to achieving my dreams. Thank you guys for allowing to express my passion.

Thanks for all of the likes and comments. I don’t do it for the numbers but I appreciate the support. Sorry I be blowing up ya timeline about sports especially to the people that don’t follow sports.

My team is people who are passionate about my brand. Only surround yourself with people who are helping you succeed. I had to cut so many “friends” who were bringing me down and it’s okay because they were dead weight. I had some friends who I thought were going to be here forever.

Do you know friendship breakups hurts more than relationship breakups?

Squad, I plan to reevaluate our friendship every season for the rest of my life and building it.

Thanks for all of the encouragement.


Published by: Daphnie Auguste

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