Daphnie’s Keys to Success:

Daphnie’s Keys to Success:




Hard work


On my show, ‘Overtime with Daphnie Auguste’, the ‘dose of positivity’ segment for episode two, is Daphnie’s keys to success. You can view the whole episode here. https://youtu.be/OwYufkiJ6OE

This is my definition of my keys and the keys I am using to be successful.


  • Just because you want something, does not mean you will get it. You have to be dedicated to your craft. Dedication includes the commitment to excellence through sacrifice and taking action. Dedication is the hours you put in when no one is watching.


  • Perseverance is having that drive and will to accomplish your goal no matter what. Nothing should stop you from going after your dreams. I know life is a rollercoaster that has so many ups and downs, but it’s all about the comeback after the setback. After four years of working and saving money, I finally bought myself a new car. I transferred schools, and needed to get to FAU. Three months after paying the car cash, I got into a total-lost car crash. It was not my fault, but here I am without a car. I have to take the train to school every day, and if you live in South Florida, you know we have the worst public transportation. It takes at least two hours- three hours to go 26 miles north from Fort Lauderdale to Boca Raton. A former co-worker asked me how I get to school, and when I told her it takes 3 buses and train ride totaling at about two-three hours she said that she would have just dropped out. A lack of transportation is not enough to stop me from finishing my degree. Martin Luther King Jr, said you have to keep moving forward.


  • Faith is believing and trusting the process. I knew I would have made it to those classes and those FAU games. God has put people in my life that help me get to school and home safely. I don’t have to take the train everyday. Maybe twice a month, but not everyday like I thought.


  • If you put in the work, the results will show. I have to continue to remind myself that things don’t happen overnight. Sometimes I wish I can just wake up and be 30 pounds lighter, but I know I have to stop drinking the milkshakes and put in the work at the gym. Just like, I know I have to do more research, develop my writing skills, and build a better report. Hard work beats talent. It takes six months to build a Rolls-Royce, and 13 hours to build a Toyota. Keep working, but work smart. Find different and new ways to accomplish things, and have a new goal.

“The further I get; the further I want to go.” —Nas

  • Confidence is knowing I will do it. Confidence is me being my biggest cheerleader, and my worst critic. I stopped comparing myself to others, because I noticed I started to feel inferior. I am a positive person, who is very optimistic. I believe that one day, I will be covering Super Bowls and the NBA Finals. I only talk about prosperity for myself and for everyone around me. I am very supportive of those around me. I can’t wait to attend my sister and best friend’s Social Work graduate program graduation. You will always see me cheering on my friends. Go friends go!




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