Path To The Draft (Blog 1)

The NFL Draft is a weekend hundreds of young men have dedicated their whole lives for. Some players get the opportunity to walk across a huge stage and shake the NFL commissioner’s hand as they put on their new team’s hat. Others receive the call from home surrounded by their love ones. Some don’t hear their names at all, but go on to sign as undrafted free agents.

For these athletes, the draft is the next chapter of their lives. The anticipation of finding out where they will land and who their teammates will be is consuming. But beyond cities and teams, the biggest opportunity they look forward to is the chance to showcase their skills, to finally see their dream of playing on Sundays come true.

The path to the draft, however, is a journey all on its own. It requires a lot of sacrifice from these players. Saturday game days are met with the pressure to not only win, but capture the keen eye of NFL scouts. Long practice days are accompanied by rigorous training sessions. Study periods do not only include reading textbooks, but analyzing film in order to gain the upper hand against their opponents and the draft competition. The final stage is Pro day, the biggest interview of their life.

 Every player’s path to the draft is different, but it’s all to receive the same result, to be able to add NFL athlete to their resume, to fulfill the promise they made to themselves. Until this year’s draft, which runs from April 27th to the 29th, in Philadelphia, I will be highlighting different athletes’ during their journey to the NFL in a series titled “Path to the Draft.” This blog series will discuss their emotions, training sessions, and their dreams as they await the most important phone call of their life.


Published by: Daphnie Auguste

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8 thoughts on “Path To The Draft (Blog 1)”

  1. Hi Daphnie,

    As a fan of the NFL, I absolutely love the draft, and typically watch all seven rounds over the span of three days and see who my favorite team picks. I think it is extremely exciting, as you get to hear some amazing stories of triumph and turmoil from young men who will have their lives changed forever. From busts to late round superstars, I think the draft is one of the best times of the year, as the pressure and intensity truly makes for great entertainment. I’m excited to hear some underdog stories along the way!


  2. Daphne,
    I really enjoyed your opening blog. The vocabulary you used made the draft process come to life for me. I recently watched the National Women’s Soccer League draft because I had some previous teammates and friends get drafted. It was amazing to see them get drafted so high and the excitement (and nervousness) in their voices as they gave their short speech. If you have not already, I encourage you to watch the movie, Draft Day, because it makes the draft come to life even more.


  3. Daphne,
    I really enjoyed your opening post and will definitely be following the rest. I think taking a few athletes and highlighting on their experiences and journey to the draft is an excellent way to capture readers. You do a great job describing that draft day isn’t just about that day, it’s about the journey these athletes have been on since they were little kids just playing a game. Looking forward to reading!


  4. Daphne,

    Great blog topic. I love when the draft rolls around every year because it creates such a buzz among football fans all over the country. I love how you pointed out the long journey that these athletes take before making it to the draft. As fans, what we see is what the television networks put on the air, we basically just see the games. Many people probably don’t even take into account the years of hard work that the athletes put in at different levels throughout their lives in order to make it in the NFL. I think it’s really interesting that you are going to spotlight a few of these athletes and I’m looking forward to reading your future blogs!


  5. Daphne,

    As a lifelong student-athlete your blog is sport-on. Student-athletes paths start in high school where athletes begin learning their given profession from watching film, to workouts and post-season routines. Therefore, I believe the path to being professional starts in high-school where athletes are amateur professionals to the NFL where they become full professionals. Could you agree the Path to The Draft starts in high-school?


  6. Daphne,
    I really like this topic! As a former college-student athlete I love watching and hearing about the draft. It makes me so excited for these athletes because they deserve what they have worked hard for. I also like to see the drama that entails the draft. There are always things that occur that really make me question if these athletes are ready for the NFL. I am excited to see the rest of your posts, and will be interested to hear your opinion on them.


  7. Daphnie,

    This was a great take on the draft. We get so excited in the main event that quite often the hard word and preparation that the athlete has to endure is sometimes over looked. Path to the Draft will give us that insight and lets us see the athlete in a new light.
    – L.E


  8. The NFL draft is an exciting time for football enthusiasts every where. People who have a strong association to Professional teams are hoping they will see a string of draft picks to elevate them to the next level. Other people who may have strong ties to a College program are hoping to see several of their players being signed to professional contracts, which is good for recruiting the future of their respected programs. In any case I will look forward to your future posts on the path of athletes hoping to hear their name called by the commissioner this spring.


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