Path To The Draft: Dieugot Joseph (Blog 2)

These days, NFL prospect, Dieugot Joseph, is focusing on making his family name known by having everyone know who he is. The 305-pound Florida International University offensive tackle is spending time preparing for this year’s draft at NFL star Brandon Marshall’s FitSpeed training facility. He works out six days a week from 7:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. in that time he works on perfecting his speed and his biggest strength, his athleticism. Something he displayed while participating in the 2017 East-West Shrine game. During the game’s practices, Joseph showed off his length, displaying good arm and leg extension along with a strong lower body.


That is what the coaching staff at FIU saw in him, an offensive tackle, not a defensive end.

But when Joseph committed to FIU back in December 2011, a defensive end is what he thought he’d be, especially since he excelled in it at Freedom High School in Orlando.

Surprising still, football wasn’t the only sport Joseph exceeded in. In fact, the Florida native started his high school career as a basketball star, even earning defensive MVP on his junior varsity team. Football was actually a late addition to Joseph’s life. He picked up the sport at 15 years old.

During his time at FIU, Joseph spent time visiting sick children in hospital beds and students in classrooms.

“Dieugot love the kids,” Joseph said.

From engaging with the youth, winning his team’s offensive player of the game in the 2014 Shula Bowl, to building lasting friendships with teammates, Joseph couldn’t have drawn up a better collegiate career.

But there is still one more drawing that needs to be drafted, him in an NFL uniform. With the support of his family, whom he calls his “backbone,” and the guidance of his older brother,  Josue, Joseph says when the time comes, he won’t be celebrating alone.

“All of this is not just my moment,” Joseph said. “It’s theirs as well.”

Though yet to be scheduled, Joseph is excited for his Pro Day. He considers that day his moment to show the NFL scouts what they have seen on film already, an athletic giant that can fly.

Fun facts:
Joseph is of Haitian descent

He is an artist: He draws really well

Joseph roots for the Miami Heat

Frequently visited the various theme parks in Orlando while growing up

Graduated from FIU with a degree in Liberal Studies in May 2016

Enjoys listening to many Atlanta-based rappers


One thought on “Path To The Draft: Dieugot Joseph (Blog 2)”

  1. Hi Daphne,

    Enjoyed your second post. I think it’s always interesting to see players who excel so well at one position, then switch to another position in college or even again after if they make the pros. I think these athletes that are capable of this show true athleticism and talent in their sport. I think a lot of times their positions change because they jump from HS sports (lots of players), then to college athletics (select number of skilled athletes), and then on the NFL (even more select; the best of the best).

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